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Tips For a Perfect Day on The Golf Course

A day on the green is a day well spent, whatever way you look at it. But if you can make that good day even better, why not? If you don’t yet know what makes a great golf day perfect, you’re in the right place.

At Nailcote Hall, we have a gorgeous golf course at which we’ve seen many a happy golfer. So we’ve put together these tips for a perfect day on the golf course so that you can make the most of your Saturday or Sunday.

Golf tips for a great day

Whether you’re organising a corporate golf day or simply heading to the course with a few friends, you want to be prepared. Follow these top golf tips, and you’re sure to have an awesome day out, whether you’re on your A game or not.

Sun protection

This one is probably obvious, but it bears repeating. Taking sunscreen and a hat along with you when you golf is crucial. Not only will too much sun ruin your day, but it’ll also likely ruin your weekend. So be sure to slather up and protect yourself from the sun during the sport.

Enough refreshments

Having a couple of bottles of cold water in the cooler is a great way to ready yourself for the day. A few beers won’t hurt either, though they may affect your performance a little. Heading to the clubhouse after you’re finished is also a great way to round up the day. After all, a good whisky and a cigar at the clubhouse never made a day worse.

The right equipment

To have a great day on the green, you need to have the right equipment. A poorly designed golf club may cause even the best golfer to miss a juicy lie, so it’s best to invest in worthwhile clubs. However, it is important to keep in mind that beginners should use clubs designed specifically for beginners, as these are generally lighter and easier to handle than their more experience-specific counterparts.

The right people

While the ‘right’ people are dependent on what you’re looking for from your golf day, it never hurts to ensure that you have only invited people that will be keen to be on the green. If you’re looking for a fun day with friends, invite those buddies that will enhance the experience. If you’re looking to network and spend quality time with colleagues, clients or contacts, then ensure that you’ve invited those that you can enjoy spending time with.

Don’t let anger get the better of you

While it can be frustrating to miss a shot or hit duff, letting your anger get the better of you is never a good idea on the golf course. While many may be sympathetic with a golfer who throws his club (we’ve all felt that frustration), most won’t be impressed. And most importantly, it’ll bring down your great golf day, and may make you feel discouraged for the remaining holes.

Learn from your playing partners

One of the best parts of playing with a few other golfers is that you can learn from them. Teeing up with more seasoned players that you can watch and gain insights from is both interesting and beneficial. And if you can improve your game on a gorgeous day, why not?

Conclusion on our golf tips

There are plenty of reasons to take up golf, but one of the best reasons is that it offers you a beautiful and interesting day outdoors. Our beautiful golf course has been lauded as one of the best in the country and is the perfect place to come for a day out on the green.

After you’ve played all the holes and have enjoyed a drink at our clubhouse, why not stay the night at our excellent hotel? Make a weekend of it.

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