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Course Layout

The Cromwell Golf Course Layout

The golf course is maintained to the highest standard at all times. You can see that it retains a great deal of privacy, allowing players to enjoy their time on the course.

HoleDistance YardsParStroke Index

Note: During the British Par 3 Championship, hole 7 plays as hole 9, and hole 9 plays as hole 7.

Aerial course gallery

Hole 1 - The Warren - 116 Yards

The 1st hole is a tougher introduction to the Cromwell course than it first appears. The green is long and narrow with run offs to the bunkers which protect it on both sides and off the back of the green. A really accurate shot to the heart of the green is essential to achieve a good start.

Hole 2 - Rhodies Bank - 114 Yards

Traditionally the easiest hole on the course, Rhodies Bank has been
through a major redevelopment. Now with water protecting a short
approach and the stream on the left side posing an extra danger, any
mistakes will not go unpunished. The position of the pin will also have a
major impact on this picturesque hole.

Hole 3 - Woosie's Pond - 133 Yards

The most spectacular hole on the course following a major redevelopment and named after the first Masters Champion to play in the British Par 3 Championship here at Nailcote Hall. It has been lengthened to 133 yards and players have to clear the edge of the pond at 125 yards running across the full width of the green. The two bunkers at the back of the green could make for nervy recovery shots towards the water for anything struck even a little off line and long.

Hole 4 - Shrimp's Isle - 95 Yards

Renamed Shrimp’s Isle in tribute to our first ever ladies major winner, Alison Nicholas MBE, Hole 4 has been stretched to 95 yards with a new tee position. The joint shortest hole on the course presents a tiny target surrounded by bunkers and out fo bounds to the left and back of the green. Never a hole to be underestimated, this can be a real card wrecker!

Hole 5 - Needle's Eye - 95 Yards

Sharing the title of shortest hole on the Cromwell Course, Needles’s Eye is one of the most exciting holes to play. A very accurate shot through the dramatic oak trees which are only 10 yards apart leaves no room for error. The bunker at the front has now been matched with two new “Augusta” style bunkers at the back of the green so short or long shots off the tee can expect to find big trouble.

Hole 6 - Jacklin Falls - 110 Yards

Possibly the most attractive hole on the course, the elevated tee is setunder the trees with a fabulous view of the lake which threatens on theright for any sliced attempt. The green is a dish and the pin position can change the complexion and difficulty of the tee shot dramatically. Aback pin adds the risk of out of bounds just a few yards away. Named inhonour of Tony Jacklin CBE, the lake is now named “Lake Laoretti” afterhis great friend and US Seniors Open Champion, Larry Laoretti.

Hole 7 - Moulie's Bridge - 146 Yards

The longest and strongest hole on the Cromwell Course,the rivetted bunker in true St. Andrews style presents a daunting view from the tee and nothing but a perfect shot will do. The water runs the full length of the hole on the left side of the fairway to within 10 yards of the green.

Hole 8 - Twin Oaks - 106 Yards

The last three holes are always testing and the 8th is always capable of wrecking a good scorecard. The green is a highly elevated small and relatively flat target, but any over hit shot runs the risk of water at the back or another deep bunker like the 7th. The two oak trees near to the green add to a dramatic hole.

Hole 9 - Nailcote Falls - 133 Yards

Nailcote Falls is one of the hardest holes on the course and the last ofthree succesive holes which can make or break any scorecard: “Rick’s Trap!” a heavily contoured green demands accuracy off the tee to avoid potential 3 putts and the ponds at the front and back with feature Oak tree on the right give it a ‘Sawgrass’ feel - but tougher!

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