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What is a Par 3 Golf Course?

Golf is both a relaxing and exciting sport, and no course better epitomises this than a 3 par golf course. However, if you are a beginner golfer, you may not yet be familiar with the rather complex terminology of this sport.

Nailcote Hall boasts the best par 3 golf course in the country, so we have put together this guide to par 3 golf courses. Keep reading to find out what this course is and why it is so highly prized amongst beginners and avid golfers alike.

What is a par in golf?

In golf, the par is the number of strokes that a scratch golfer should need to complete a hole, round or tournament. In other words, a par is the predetermined number of times a good player should need to hit the ball to get it into a hole or all of the holes.

A par always includes two putts. Almost all golf holes are par 3, 4 or 5, with some reaching an ultra-long 6 par.

What is a 3 par golf course?

A 3 par golf course is one in which players should take three shots to get the ball in the hole (to make par) for each hole. Par 3 holes are the shortest and most exciting, as you can easily reach the green from the tee box. Seeing as par 3 holes are so stimulating, golf courses that consist of only par 3 holes are becoming increasingly popular. Our award-winning golf course is one of these exciting par 3 courses.

How many par 3 holes are on a golf course?

The number of pars on a golf course differs greatly. At Nailcote Hall, we have a nine-hole golf course, all of which are 3 par. A classic par 72 course may have four 3 par’s, while a par 70 course may have only two. In other words, this number is not set, and it will depend completely on the course layout.

Is a par 3 golf course good for beginners?

As par 3 holes are shorter than others, they are perfect for beginners. New players can take advantage of the reduced distance, while more experienced golfers can enjoy the interesting hazards while fine-tuning their short game.

Tip: If you are a beginner, here are some tips for a perfect day on the golf course.

Benefits of playing par 3 courses

Par 3 courses provide the following benefits for golfers:

  • You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your short game

  • Par 3 courses take less time to play

  • They have shorter walking distances

  • The whole family can enjoy golfing on a par 3 golf course

  • They are less intimidating for beginners

  • You only need three or four golf clubs, preferably a putter, a wedge and a pair of mid-irons

Ready for a day on the green?

Now that you know what a par 3 golf course is, are you ready for a round of golf on one? You can join us for an afternoon of golf or come for a golf weekend break. Whatever you are looking for from your golf experience, we will happily accommodate you.

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