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Stay, Play & Party: Your Ultimate Golf and Music Weekend at Nailcote Hall

Dreaming of a weekend that blends the joy of golf with the allure of live music? Nailcote Hall is your perfect getaway destination, offering a stunning golf experience by day and enchanting live music events by night. Here's how to make your golf weekend resonate with unforgettable melodies.

Par 3 Golf, Accessible for All

Par 3 golf offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport. Its smaller format is one of its most appealing features. With shorter holes, the game becomes more accessible and less time-consuming, allowing players to enjoy the essence of golf without the physical demands of a full-sized course. The easier walks between holes are particularly beneficial for younger players and seniors, reducing fatigue and keeping the game light and enjoyable. Additionally, the shorter holes present a delightful challenge, honing skills such as precision and control, which are crucial aspects of the game. This combination of ease, accessibility, and skill development makes Par 3 golf a perfect fit for anyone looking to indulge in the sport's pleasures, regardless of their age or skill level.

You are never too old to play... or party!

Golfing Excellence on the Greens

Start your weekend with a swing at Nailcote Hall's renowned Cromwell Par 3 Golf Course. This course isn't just any golfing ground; it's a challenge for all levels and the proud host of the British Par 3 Championship. Whether you're aiming for a birdie or just enjoying the game, the course promises an exceptional golfing experience.

Evenings of Melodies

As the sun sets, the melody begins. Nailcote Hall's live music events bring you an eclectic mix of genres, from jazz and pop to tribute acts that celebrate legendary musicians. Immerse yourself in the rhythms and make your evening truly special.

Dine in Harmony

Complement your day on the course and evening of music with a culinary journey at the Oak Room Restaurant. Offering fine dining in a luxurious setting, it's the perfect place to relish exquisite dishes and discuss the day's best shots and tunes.

Luxurious Accommodation

Retreat to the comfort of Nailcote Hall's elegant rooms and suites after a fulfilling day. With views of the serene Warwickshire countryside, it's the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Explore the Surroundings

Take advantage of your time at Nailcote Hall to explore the Warwickshire countryside. Rich in history and beauty, it's an ideal backdrop for those moments away from the golf course and the music stage.

Group Getaways

Gather your friends for a group adventure that offers both golf and musical entertainment. Nailcote Hall caters to groups looking for an engaging and varied weekend experience.

Golf and Music Packages

Check out Nailcote Hall's golf break packages, which can be combined with their live music events for a comprehensive weekend experience. Enjoy the best of both worlds with tailored packages that suit all your needs.

Ready for Your Rhythmic Retreat?

Visit Nailcote Hall's website to plan your ultimate golf and music weekend. From mastering the greens to enjoying the beats of live performances, your getaway at Nailcote Hall is set to be an extraordinary blend of sports, leisure, and entertainment.

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