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8 Wedding Trends for 2024

The wedding landscape has gone through something of a tumultuous period; Covid meant many weddings were postponed, and then the rush to get married meant that the perfect venue was fully booked. Four years on, how will 2024 look, and what influence will recent turmoil have on trends? The wedding planners at Nailcote Hall, armed with over 20 years of experience and over 2300 weddings in the books, make some educated predictions on wedding trends for 2024.

1. Wedding Weekenders

What could possibly surpass the joy of your wedding day? The answer: an entire wedding weekend! In the past year, there has been a 50% increase in searches for ‘weekend wedding venue,’ indicating that couples are eager to transform their weddings into more extended celebrations.

Drawing inspiration from the American tradition of hosting a rehearsal dinner the night prior to the wedding and a farewell brunch the day after, UK couples are now seeking venues that can accommodate them for a full three-day celebration, allowing them to truly savour every moment of their special occasion.

Taking over a hotel for a whole weekend is becoming more popular

2. Retro Weddings

Retro weddings are making a stylish comeback, positioning themselves as the future of matrimonial celebrations. Interest in ‘70s-inspired weddings has surged by almost a third (29%) in the past year, a trend likely influenced by the eagerly awaited release of "Daisy Jones & The Six" on Amazon.

Couples are increasingly enamoured with the chic styles of the 60s and 70s with bold colours and patterns, the counterculture movement and not forgetting the flair of disco!

That retro look

3. Sustainable Weddings

As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, sustainability is emerging as a central theme in every facet of our lives, including weddings. Sustainable weddings are poised to be one of the top trends of 2024, emphasising the celebration of love in a manner that is mindful of and honours the planet.

From utilising digital invitations in lieu of paper to selecting venues with a strong focus on sustainability, couples are finding varied ways to integrate these values into their special day. Opting for locally-sourced food and flowers, and incorporating vintage or heirloom pieces such as dresses and rings, adds not only a touch of nostalgia but also significantly reduces the demand for newly manufactured products.

Go green one your wedding day

4. Micro and Intimate Weddings

Pandemic hangovers, pressures on budgets, and a focus on quality over quantity are making the upcoming season the season of the micro or intimate wedding. This emphasis on smaller weddings translates into a heightened attention to quality in every aspect, from the location to the food to the decorations.

The shift towards valuing the special union over the grandiose party is leading couples to seek smaller, but more refined venues, such as Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire. This 16th-century stately home, now transformed into a 49-bedroom hotel, is complemented by an amazing par-3 golf course and is set amidst Warwickshire's picturesque countryside, making it an idyllic backdrop for those cherished outdoor wedding photos.

Just close family

5. Wedding Tech

In the age of smartphones and smart homes, weddings are naturally following suit with a tech upgrade. Tech-savvy wedding planning is emerging as one of the top trends of 2024, streamlining the planning process to make it more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable. From digital invitations and online registries to virtual venue tours and dedicated planning apps, technology is revolutionising the way couples approach their big day.

While it’s undoubtedly your special day, guest experience remains a key consideration. Ensuring connectivity for guests to share the joy in real time, from livestreaming your first dance to instant social media posts, is becoming increasingly important. The ubiquitous selfie has evolved, with photo booths becoming a popular fixture at modern weddings. And with convenience at the forefront, ordering drinks from the table via an app is no longer a far-fetched idea—it’s an emerging reality.

It's too soon for a robot bride but there are still plenty of tech options

6. Immersive Experiences

We blame Cirque du Soleil! A few speeches and a DJ just don't cut it anymore for making your wedding the talk of the town. Now, we need acrobats, fireworks, orchestras, and theatrical performances to set the celebration apart.

The trend is set to continue in 2024, with "bigger and bolder" being the theme. Just a word of advice: don't ask the magician to make the new Mother-In-Law disappear—it's bad form.

Every wedding night should have some fireworks

Take a Virtual Wedding Tour

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7. On the Day Content Creation

Hiring a dedicated social media creator for your wedding is a growing trend, designed to develop the perfect content for TikTok and Instagram. In an age of instantly shareable moments, it's no longer sufficient to simply ask guests to send in their best photos and videos after the festivities. Now, couples are opting for professional assistance to capture and craft their story in real time, ensuring their social media channels are as vibrant and memorable as the day itself.

It's only "live" once

8. The Budget Wedding

The pressures on people's pockets can't be ignored, prompting some couples to focus on the personal touches and intimacy of the occasion over lavish displays. Budget weddings don't mean compromising on style or the significance of the day. Opting for handmade decorations, choosing a solo artist over a full band, and cutting back on unnecessary add-ons can help keep the budget in check while ensuring the celebration remains timely and heartfelt. Some venues have even started offering upfront monthly payments to help budget.

Handmade with love

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