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10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are always a fun, exciting occasion. Moms glow with the expected arrival of their newborn, and everyone around can’t help but get excited and make a fuss.

When it comes to choosing a baby shower idea, there are plenty out there to consider. Some are just plain boring, whilst others have been overdone far too much.

So Nailcote Hall has put together these unique baby shower ideas that will bring a fun, fresh take to your shower and make for a memorable celebration.

Unusual Baby Shower Ideas For A Girl

Are you or your loved one expecting a darling little girl and want to throw a baby shower to celebrate this little treasure? Here are some baby shower ideas that will be just as sweet as your baby girl.

Tea Party Baby Shower

For a classy, quaint baby shower, consider going with a tea party theme. This can easily be done in an indoor baby shower venue or out in a garden. Using a neutral colour scheme of white, blush, and muted greens is a great way to keep to the dainty theme.

Be sure to have plenty of yummy finger snacks and interesting brews to keep your guests happy. To bring it all together, find some delicate china to serve your teas in.

Bohemian Baby Shower

Light and whimsical, boho-chic is always a winning theme. For soon-to-be moms wanting a laidback affair, this is the fun baby shower idea to go with.

To bring this theme to life, be sure to hang plenty of dream catchers and tassels and use potted succulents as floral arrangements. Oh, and of course, the guest of honour needs her own flower crown to complete the boho theme.

Rainbow Baby Shower

Your baby girl is sure to bring glorious technicolour to your life. That’s why a rainbow-themed baby shower is an ideal way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of your little one.

This baby shower theme can be overdone, so rather keep it subtle and be selective with where you use the rainbow colours in your decor. Perhaps a rainbow made out of pastel-coloured balloons?

Unique Boy Baby Shower Ideas

So it’s a bouncing baby boy! These unique baby shower ideas are the perfect way to celebrate the little man.

Nautical Baby Shower

Celebrate your soon-to-be crew member with a nautical-themed shower. You can easily pull this together with some white, navy and red decor, making this a pretty simple boy baby shower idea. Using baby shower decor items such as sailboats, white floral arrangements and cutouts of mini sailor's suits are easy ways to add a special touch to this baby shower theme.

Cowboy Baby Shower

Consider going with a cowboy theme for a fun-filled baby shower, complete with cowboy hats, bandanas, and sheriff badges. Of course, using a rocking horse or stick horse in the decor will add a special touch to the baby shower decor. This is an awesome way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of your new partner in crime.

Peter Pan Baby Show

Moms never want their little ones to grow up. So what better way to keep this sentiment than with a Peter Pan in Neverland theme? You can use lots of leafy decorations and silhouettes of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys to pull this theme together. String up some white balloons to bring a fun, whimsical element to the decor.

Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re waiting to uncover the gender of your little bundle of joy, these unisex baby shower ideas are perfect for you.

Forest Baby Shower

Whether indoors or outdoors, this is an adorable baby shower idea, and it’s relatively easy too. To bring this theme to life, be sure to incorporate lots of cute baby animals into your baby shower decorations - like deer, foxes and rabbits.

You can also use actual acorns, dried flowers and wooden branches to complete the forest feel.

Honey Bee Baby Shower

With a neutral colour palette complete with a pop of yellow, this is the perfect theme for your gender-neutral baby shower. Complete the theme with some balloon decorations, a honeycomb-themed cake (or cupcakes) and jars of honey to give away as party favours.

Travel-Themed Baby Shower

This unique baby shower idea is ideal for those jet-setting mamas who love going on adventures. You’re certainly about to embark on a new journey with your bundle of joy, so what better baby shower theme could you choose? To tie this theme together, consider using miniature globes and vintage suitcases as decorations.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

You’ve got a twinkle in your eye, and we’re pretty sure it has something to do with your little bundle of joy! With a colour palette complete with cream, silver and gold, this is a simple yet elegant theme. To top this theme off, be sure to add starry decorations and plenty of balloons to bring in an element of playfulness.

Conclusion of Unique Baby Shower Ideas

And that’s a wrap! These ten unique baby shower ideas are anything but ordinary! We're sure that any one of these themes will be perfect for you. If you would like to host your baby shower at the beautiful Nailcote Hall, get in touch with us today! We have plenty of experience making gorgeous baby showers come to life.

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