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2020 Top wedding trends

2020 is almost upon us, meaning whilst its cold outside, your wedding planning doesn't take a 'Christmas break' You may already have your chosen theme, and colour scheme, and have everything wrapped up, but its still interesting to see what the biggest wedding trends are for 2020.

The USA are always front leaders when it comes to wedding trends, with ourselves in the UK and maybe even the rest of the world like to be about 12 months in the following to their biggest ideas and trends. In 2020 we see some old favourites come back, like the good old English rose, and we see experiments with mixed Bridal and Groomsmen parties, making for an all together NEW trend.

Sustainable Weddings

Since the beautiful wedding of Princess Eugenie, Brides & Grooms are set to take a more thoughtful approach to wedding planning, making a conscious effort to source more locally produced items for their wedding. Imagine the use of much less plastics, so paper straws, and decorations. With wedding venues also being more Eco-friendly, it can be a great pairing. Couples will look towards petal or recycled confetti, rather than paper, or maybe even go for something completely different and unique.
Flowers will be locally sourced, making their footprint much smaller. Local florists and companies will be asked to go that extra mile to ensure all parts of their wedding is sustainable. Wines will take a turn to home- English whites, reds and even sparkling, produced by local vineyards and will taste fantastic.

Long banqueting tables

Round tables are 'so 2019'. in 2020 couples will look to make the wow factor even more when their guests enter into the venue to feast. This new, slightly old and reused wedding trend will see rows of wedding guests facing each other, making conversation and interaction that little more intimate. This floor plan works great for smaller weddings alike. Couples will use flat botanical greens, meandering through place settings to create the 'outdoors indoors' theme. Great height will be created using pedestals and glass vases, and the love of table top trees will carry on through to the new year.

Flowers will see soft pink Blush carried on from 2019, but will be mixed with hot pinks and fuchsias, paired with deep green shaded of many.

Confetti alternatives

Along with sustainable weddings, confetti choices are moving forward. Instead of the traditional paper, couples are choosing petal confetti, or recycled paper. Handmade recycled confetti works great, picking up old books from charity shops or jumble sales can make the perfect confetti. Simply buy a paper cutter, these come in many shapes and begin making your very own confetti.

Maybe try something unique, confetti of bubbles. Couples are choosing to hand out small pales of bubbles, and choosing this over traditional confetti.

Whichever trend is trending in 2020, all weddings can be a unique and personalised day of celebration. So whatever your theme is make it truly yours.

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