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5 DIY Wedding Hacks

Planning your dream Warwickshire wedding is one of the most exciting things you can do, but even the most organised couples can find it pretty daunting at times. The to-do list may seem endless, and options are certainly not thin on the ground. Before you know it, you can find yourself swamped under with supplier conversations and very much out of pocket.

As you wade through your planning journey, there will be many things that are best left in the hands of the experts. But sometimes, the things that make all the difference are the small details - let us take you through a few of our favourite wedding hacks.

Stamp it out

Throughout your wedding planning, there is going to be some degree of repetition, from self-addressed envelopes to Order of Service booklets. So it’s worth investing in stamps to speed along the uniform parts of the process. The address for your RSVP envelopes is a great starting point, but you can also use stamps to help quickly brand-up many aspects of your wedding stationery - saving on print costs but also saving you the wrist-ache. You can include fancy fonts and icons so you don’t feel like you’re compromising on that personal touch.

Take it online

These days, waiting for the post doesn’t need to be an issue. More and more couples are using websites to get their information out there, email to collect up their RSVPs, social media to communicate further, and digital registries to receive gifts. This not only takes away the need for lots of fiddly bits of paper, but it also gets the job done as quickly, and cheaply as possible. Best of all, it doesn’t take too much to style up your online communications. Your colour scheme, fonts, and photos can all be included so your on-screen presence will be just as pretty as the printed version.

Keep a secret stash

One of the great balances of wedding planning is combining purpose and appearance. Some things will be oh so handy, and others just there to look nice. One thing you can do is certainly use this to your advantage. For example, when it comes to the cake - you’ll want to cut into a pretty little piece but when it comes to dishing out the servings, you can keep another (slightly less pricy) ready-cut portion in the kitchen. This way no-one goes hungry and you can keep your precious top tier to yourselves.

Consider the kids

Kids make wonderful wedding guests, but there is always the possibility that they may just lose interest at some point. You’ll do well to remember that waiting, sipping and chatting aren’t always their favourite things to do but luckily there are a few little DIY ways to keep them on side. One being inexpensive printed colouring tasks and puzzles. You can keep them on theme with simple bride and groom outlines, so their minds will be suitably occupied and their parents will thank you.

Pack a bridal survival kit

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to the big day. Preparation really is key. One way to DIY your bridal prep is to get together a little survival kit. Heel stoppers, veil weights and fashion tape are just a few essentials that can be gathered up in the weeks leading up to the wedding, all packed together in a handy little bridal survival kit. Why not throw in a nice scented candle and personally mixed CD for the morning of the wedding, a great personal touch that can make the day extra special.

There are lots of DIY touches that can make your planning a little more fun, and give your big day the personal edge. No matter how lavish or intimate your details are, it is sure to be a day to remember.

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