Which Is Better, The Rolex Blackwater Ghost Of The Ar Factory V3 And The Black Water Ghost Of The N Factory?

I have been engaged in the replica watches industry for more than ten years. Previously, the Rolex water ghost series and log series in the replica watches market has been monopolized by the N factory, and the AR factory began to produce the Rolex water ghost series replica watches in recent years. The water ghost series produced at the beginning has always been mediocre, but the technical team of replica watches in the AR factory has been extended to the JF factory. The technology and process are top-notch, but the development of the water ghost is not as mature as the N factory. After one or two years Constantly updated and adjusted, the V3 version of Black Water Ghost this time can be said to have made a qualitative improvement, so which of the AR factory V3 version of the Rolex Black Water Ghost replica watches and the N Factory Black Water Ghost do better?

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The Rolex Black Water Ghost of the AR factory has always used real imported 904 steel materials, with a size of 40mmX13mm, which is in line with the original. Using the same material as the original anti-scratch advanced imported blue crystal glass, full transparency, the magnifying glass on the glass is a super transparent blue coating, the reflective micro blue is consistent with the original, and the same as the original can be seen when reflecting Black hole effect, exclusive to the market. The integrally formed ceramic bezel scale and the lettering on the plating layer give a three-dimensional sense and neatness consistent with the authentic one. The ultra-stable and quiet Seagull 2824 movement are adopted. Its stability is comparable to the original Swiss movement. Each movement is tested for more than 72 hours to ensure that there is no problem before it is sold out of the factory. The performance is safe, reliable, and guaranteed.

The above describes the V3 version of the Rolex black water replica watches of the AR factory. Compared with the V10 version of the water ghost released by the N factory a while ago, the fine watch industry recommends the AR3 V3 version of the Rolex green water ghost and black water ghost series. Many factors make me recommend the AR factory more. For example, in terms of small details, the AR factory is getting bigger and bigger, and his after-sales service is very timely, while the N factory is getting smaller and smaller, giving people a bit of a crossbow. The biggest headache for our sellers is that the after-sales service is very slow, and customers are gradually losing confidence in the N plant.

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